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Mobile players will be able to interact with them thanks to cross-play support. There are no dates yet, but we’d speculate that PUBG Mobile India will be along in the relatively near future. That’s something we’d all like to say about ourselves. If that’s exciting news for your eyes, then you’re probably going to be even more excited about the list that’s coming up. And it has the look of a classic arcade scrapper that’s going to be an absolute blast. The upgrade card system in Zombie Blast Crew can make it tempting to plough resources into whichever characters and gear you have sufficient cash and upgrade cards for. The zombies that lob stuff broadcast their assault with a red circle indicating the blast radius. There are 15 new and exclusive cards to collect, as well as a restaurant, a shop, a station, and more – all designed to help you raise your park’s income. This is quite the nice looking game, and very polished as well with a lot of attention to detail which is nice for a change. While there’s a satisfaction to be had in guiding a tiny ball into an even tinier hole using a strange stick, it’s a hell lot of walking and looking for balls in ponds.

Plus, there’s a whole new game mode. There’s more, including gems, keys, and events, but if the above is plenty to give you a grasp of the core gameplay and set you off in the right direction. Ooooft. Looks good, right? 8) I’d ask about the ending to Chapter 3 because it’s sounds like it’ll be awesome/surprising but it looks like it’s rather hush hush right now regarding it. We’re still a bit perplexed by Sixit, but it looks like a solid prospect with some clever ideas. Sixit sounds a bit like that. This time around, a handful of players in Australia are getting to sample a few new systems and a bit more content ahead of the game’s launch later this year. A few weeks ago we told you that Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts was coming to the Play Store. You’ll be able to download Birdie Crush for free in a few days’ time. On a side note – once you’re finished playing around with your games you’ll have to re-enter this menu and switch back to the Android keyboard: otherwise you won’t be able to type anything. The game is going to have a focus on competitive online play, so you’ll work your way up the leaderboards to prove you’re the best robotic brawler that ever robotically brawled.

Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream is a slick one-finger platformer with a spooky feel that sees you bouncing your way up a series of towers. TapChamps is a perfect way to wring extra value out of your gaming time, and it’s well-worth checking out. Aardman has dipped a second toe into the mobile gaming world this month, following the launch of ambitious AR title Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up a couple of weeks ago. This thanks to some polished presentation, refined gameplay, and a couple of neat innovation. The game’s central innovation is your ability to recruit baddies to your own cause, which adds a redemptive twist to the campaign as you gradually turn your enemies into your friends. The game’s publishing producer said “We hope that through working with the Glory Ambassador, we will find new ways to connect with our amazing community. The last one was for a working Quake port but no one had really stepped up to do it especially after ID Software got all the ports of their games removed from the market. We’ve also got some magic missiles to look forward to in Diablo Immortal and a cross-platform mobile port of RuneScape.

It’s even got a theme song performed by popular K-Pop singer Eunha from the girl group GFRIEND. This is obviously the biggest requirement for using the Wii Controller IME app, but given the insane popularity of Nintendo’s waggle-based system you’ve probably got several of these things lying around the house. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll get a summon and a boost skill, giving you advantages on the battlefield. To access these, you’ll need to queue for a special version of the Erangel map that gives you a choice of three different rune energies. You’ll summon creatures, cast spells, and generally wreak unimaginable havoc by placing cards in front of a human opponent. Each of these fights lasts for three minutes, and involves trying to knock your opponent out of a floating arena. Originally released on PC, Magic: The Gathering Arena sees you building a deck and battling with other players. Developer Smilegate Megaport is holding a World Arena Championship in Epic Seven, with a share of a $50,000 prize pot up for grabs.