Soul Guardians


Soul Guardians is an Anime and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing video game available to play on mobile devices. Take place in the fantasy world where vicious monsters and their bosses are invading the environment to spread the chaos everywhere.

The world is full of players from across the world like you. So at the start, you need to choose your avatar from available, customize its look, and then choose the best outfit for it to look unique among other players. After that, jump into the world to meet a great number of players and create a guild with other players to fight.

The game features collectible maps and each has a set of objectives that you must complete becoming the master. To play the game, you just need a stable internet connection. The objective is to fight against monsters, interact with other players, defeat them to make points, and use to unlock additional stuff to have fun. Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard includes prominent features such as Battle with other Players, Fight against Monsters, Leaderboards, and more.

Last Update: 20th September 2021


How to hack Soul Guardians:

  • Click “Continue” button above
  • Enter your username or email then click “Connect”
  • Enter how many Crystals you want to add (max. 9 digits)
  • Click “Submit” and wait the process finish
  • Enjoy your free Crystals

About Soul Guardians

Special Note: You must be logged in to Game Center already to be able to login to the game. Otherwise you will be stuck at the login screen. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next update.
Action RPG Insanity Meets Card Collecting

See what everyone is raving about!!

**148Apps** -“Soul Guardians displays a cool mix of colorful style and ridiculously over-the-top attack animations that really stand out.”

**AppSpy** -“It’s the lavishly animated, totally bonkers, completely over-the-top Soul Arts special attacks that set it apart…”

**Home on Deranged** -“…. a vibrant Anime style that works beautifully..”


Epic battles await in one of the most anticipated MMO-ARPGs of 2014! Hack, slash and dispatch a barrage of attacks as you and the Soul Guardians protect Midgard from the Demon Army uprising. An intensive action RPG meets card collecting, choose to quest through single player dungeons or engage in co-op and PVP arenas with friends. Collect Soul Art Cards to evolve and fuse in order to construct extraordinary attacks!

• EXECUTE massive bosses and nefarious foes with gritty action-oriented gameplay!
• COLLECT, FUSE, and EVOLVE your Soul Arts cards to unleash powerful skills on your enemies!
• COMPETE against other players to become a champion of the Soul Guardian’s leaderboard.
• CHOOSE among an array of Soul Guardians, each with their own unique set of attacks!

Go forth! Evil waits for no one!

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