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Dead Target Zombie Cheats Unlimited Golds


Generate unlimited Golds in game by using our Dead Target Zombie hack tool. You can use our hack whether you’re on a phone, tablet or PC. It works for Android & iOS devices and you don’t need to jailbreak or root. By using our online cheats tool, you don’t need to download something like install hack tool exe file to your computer because our tool is browser based. And also Dead Target Zombie cheats is frequently updates and easy to use. just click button below to start.

Last Update: 21st September 2020


How to use Dead Target Zombie Hack:

  • Click “Continue” button above
  • Enter your username or email then click “Connect”
  • Enter how many Golds you want to add (max. 9 digits)
  • Click “Submit” and wait the process finish
  • Enjoy your free Golds

About Dead Target Zombie

No nonsense zombie shooting game. Guns, zombies, shoot, headshot. More maps, more guns. Enjoy your survival while it lasts.
“I thought it’d be one of those LAME games. It’s NOT. So ADDICTED.”

***Special summer***: We upgraded the game to Full HD graphic. More polygons, much more realistic zombies. Scary stuff, indeed.

Moving is tiring. Zombies will come for you anyway, anyhow. Lots of them. Best survival skills to have: choose the right gun, aim, shoot (oh, also, grenades!)

All the ones you expect to find in an FPS game, well-oiled and calibrated. Realistic. Plus more, interesting, weird, too lethal, you name it. We just added a **flame-thrower**, use with great care and do not burn yourself.

Zombie is a diverse race. We believe that no zombies are born equal. Some are too fast. Some are strong. Some are just plainly annoying and will attack you from the most unexpected corners. Also, recently we decided to double down on adding more of those annoying ones 🙂

Spin the luck wheels to collect bonus items, boost, grenades, etc, help you get stronger. By the way, it’s a bit rigged (which casino isn’t rigged???). Added some free spins for your entertainment, so check back often for those. Don’t be mad, have fun instead.

New addition. This is self-explanatory. We would love to give you the taste of the awesome guns we create. The feature appears a bit randomly, we love surprises.

Maps (hospitals, subway, canal (??!!), prisons, bridges, etc.) and stuffs (gadgets, special effects, our artists are cute).

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