Call of Mini Dino Hunter


Call of Mini: Dino Hunter is an Action-Adventure, Casual, and Single-player video game developed by Triniti Interactive Studios Ltd for Android and iOS. Throughout the game, the player has to control an unnamed protagonist whose main mission is to fight against the giant monsters and dinosaurs.

These giant creatures emerge from the ancient forest and attack the town. The player, as a descendant related to a hunter family, must hone skills towards the goal and prove himself. The game has almost 24 epic bosses to battle against with 21 thrilling weapons.

As the player makes progress, the game unlocks the brutal enemies as well as the beneficial weapons. The player has to encounter 35 dinosaurs with evil powers. The game offers five main characters, and each character has a unique set of abilities, and the player can customize them. The game has almost 50 achievements, and the player can earn all these rewards by completing the challenges fairly.

Last Update: 20th September 2021


How to hack Call of Mini Dino Hunter:

  • Click “Continue” button above
  • Enter your username or email then click “Connect”
  • Enter how many Crystals you want to add (max. 9 digits)
  • Click “Submit” and wait the process finish
  • Enjoy your free Crystals

About Call of Mini Dino Hunter

Fight your way through hordes of giant lizards and collect items to craft and upgrade various weapons!

Dinosaurs emerge from the ancient forest after hiding for decades. As a descendant from a great hunter family, you continuously hone skills towards your desired goal in order to stand up to your father’s expectation. Now it’s time to prove yourself.

• 21 flashy weapons
• 24 exciting boss fights
• 5 characters with unique specialties
• 50 distinct quests
• 32 savage dinosaurs
• 50 achievements
• 50 collectable items for crafting and upgrading weapons
• Choose from 50 powerful skills to customize your character


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