Age of Lords


Age of Lords is a Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Erepublik Labs for Android and iOS. Through the game, the player assumes the role of a mighty lord where the main concern is to build a castle, assemble alliances, and train massive armies to defeat opponents.

It is a battle between the kings and queens to become the fiercest slayer in the kingdom. The player has to develop a castle, research new technologies, and be a kingdom ruler using diplomatic strategies. The game allows the player to forge alliances with other players worldwide to be stronger.

The player must use brutal forces to defeat enemy players as they are smarter than the player’s imagination. The player can train a massive army with various troops, including cavalry, infantry, and archers. The game offers the player to explore the maps for gathering resources. The player can compete with thousands of players in weekly events.

Last Update: 20th September 2021


How to hack Age of Lords:

  • Click “Continue” button above
  • Enter your username or email then click “Connect”
  • Enter how many Golds you want to add (max. 9 digits)
  • Click “Submit” and wait the process finish
  • Enjoy your free Golds

About Age of Lords

Age of Lords is a new strategy MMO set in the medieval age. As a mighty lord you will build a grand castle, forge alliances and TRAIN massive armies to defeat other REAL players.

– Develop your castle and research new technologies
– Use diplomacy to forge Alliances with other lords
– Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players
– Train various troops including cavalry, infantry and archers
– Explore the Kingdom Map to gather resources, scout rebel players or defeat mighty dragons
– Chat in real time and set up diplomatic ties with other alliances
– Join troops with allied lords and create massive marches
– Become part of the legends by conquering the King’s throne
– Reach the top of the rankings and earn the respect of the whole kingdom
– Compete with thousands of player in weekly events
– Level Up your Hero
– Complete hundreds of Quests to collect massive rewards
– Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster
– Become a VIP player and gain game-changing bonuses
– Discover countless of strategic and diplomatic choices!

Join a new age of warfare and test yourself against real players worldwide! PLAY NOW!


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